End of Lease and Vacate Cleaning

End of Lease and Vacate Cleaning

Moving out from your rental property? Don’t feeling like end of lease cleaning and vacate cleaning on your own? Call us for the best service in Perth. We offer comprehensive bond cleaning service. With us you can rest assure that your work will be done on time and perfectly without risking your bond agreement.Whether you want carpet restoration or re-stretched, we can help you with all your carpet maintenance service. We strive to surpass your expectation with our quality and prompt cleaning solution.

Why choose our end of lease cleaning service?

  • Our expert cleaners maintain Occupational Health and Safety methods in each project.
  • Reliability is what we are all about. We will always reach to your place on time. However, if we’re running late, we will let you know beforehand.
  • We use modern cleaning tools and methods to ensure you tick all the boxes in your bond agreement
  • We offer guaranteed job. This means you will have the peace in mind knowing that you will get your money back on time.
  • We offer compatible price to suit any budget

We believe that carpet is an expensive investment. With this in mind, our bond cleaners take care of your investment by bringing back its new appearance. If you’re interested in our end of lease or vacate carpet cleaning service in Perth, do not hesitate. Please call us at- 0411 758 982.

Carpet Clean Joondalup

Welcome to QPS Cleaning.We offer 360 degree cleaning solutions to our clients. Carpet clean in Joondalup is one of our specializations. With an assortment of high quality cleaning equipment and powerful disinfectants, we have become a very potent force in the local cleaning industry. We are distinguished for our ability to offer reliable, timely and highly recommended carpet clean services in Joondalup.

Apart from immaculate carpet cleaning services, we also give a makeover to your old carpets and give them a completely new look. We often find new carpets covered under layers of dust which gives them a worn out look. Thus, if you are planning to replace the carpets inside your home or office; do not forget to get in touch with us. Let us visit your home or office and inspect your carpets.

The secret to hassle free Carpet Clean Joondalup:

Getting the best clean and dirt free carpets in Joondalup is easy!

Just Get in touch with us and we would offer you the best carpet clean and maintenance solutions in Joondalup apart from Perth. We are well trained and highly motivated team of professionals having extensive experience in home and office cleaning.

Kindly get in touch with us for a free inspection of your home or office carpets! We will come up with a feasible solution through unmatched carpet cleaning services.

Trademarks of our Carpet Clean Services in Joondalup

Get experts in cleaning. We have the requisite manpower and the required motivation to give you the clean carpets within the shortest period of time.

Tools used:

High power vacuum cleaners

High power blowers

Disinfectants and anti-bacterial solutions

The end results reflect in the form of:

Clean carpets

Germ free carpets

A healthy and productive living or workspace

Call us at 0411 758 982 or mail at gclimousine@outlook.com for the best carpet clean in Joondalup.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Perth

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Services Perth

We provide commercial carpet cleaning services for your home and office in Perth. The cleanliness of your carpet puts a big impact on your overall health. Carpets add to the aesthetic beauty of a place but have the capacity to retain maximum allergens. These allergens can cause minor to major respiratory impairments and disrupt your normal course of life.

How would you safeguard your family and colleagues from health hazards from carpet pollutants?

Just get in touch with us and we would visit your premise and do a thorough inspection of your carpets. We will also check for the presence of any germs on the carpet surface which would pose serious health problems in the future!

Get germ and dirt free carpets with our professional cleaning services in Perth

It is our responsibility to give you a clean and germ free environment by cleaning your carpets and treating it with disinfectants. This is made possible with high power vacuum cleaners with flexible ducts capable of reaching the most inaccessible corners of the floor. Once the upper strata of the floor are clean of allergens and pollutants, we start the next round of cleaning. The next round involves disinfecting the carpet surface using high power anti-bacterial solutions and sprays dispensed using automated dispensers.

Once we are done with the dry vacuum cleaning, we encourage our clients to have a thorough look of the carpet and check for any residual dirt or scope of cleaning. Our cleaners are highly dedicated and do not compromise with the quality of service delivered. As our esteemed customer, you will never get a chance to complain about the quality of our services!

What makes us a reliable carpet cleaning services provider in Perth?


  • Timely services provided to our clients
  • World Class cleaning equipment and disinfectants
  • Highly active team of commercial cleaners
  • Proven track record of unblemished services

With us there is 100 percent guarantee on customer satisfaction! The best carpet cleaning services in Perth! Call 0411 758 982

Office Carpet Cleaning

Office Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are an important part of office environment. They not only create a comfortable working space but also make the workstation look more professional. They are in fact a reflection of how well-maintained your company is in terms of cleanliness. In other words, a dirty carpet would not do any wonders for you. However, it might be a challenging task to keep an office carpet clean on a regular basis. Moreover, keeping a regular carpet scrubbing routine can be taxing, particularly if your house-keeping staff is not equipped with the essential equipment. This is where QPS cleaning can put you out of your stress!

Don’t let the filthy carpets pollute the fresh air at your office. Improve the quality of lifestyle for everyone in office with a certified office carpet cleaning provider. Here’s are the benefits you can enjoy-


  • Cleaning can be done by determining the most appropriate cleaning methods and treatments based on your office carpet’s material, color, size, and color.
  • Get the carpets cleaned on a regular basis and hence prevent accumulation of debris and harmful dirt.
  • Get rid of deep-rooted stains caused by food spilling and other mishaps.
  • You can tailor the carpet cleaning services as per your office requirements at really affordable rates.
  • Provide a clean office environment to promote a healthy atmosphere.

If you are looking for reliable service provider, we are the right answer for you!As a professional carpet cleaning service provider, we believe in providing high-quality and trusted cleaning services in offices. We have a highly experienced staff who are licensed with police clearance and training. Our entire team is certified with Occupational Health and Safety program, without which no one can work in any kind of cleaning environments. We are renowned in the industry for meeting standards as well exceeding customer expectations.